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October 14, 2009


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September Top Selling Products

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 14, 2009, 7:41 PM

To provide a bit of insight into which products sell best on deviantART, I've put together below a list of our top selling product types by total dollar sales volume during the month of September.

1. Photo Prints - 51.8%
2. Fine Art Prints - 30.2%
3. Wrapped Canvas - 10.2%
4. Mugs - 2.2%
5. Calendars - 1.4%
6. Mouse Pads - 1%
7. Greeting Cards - 0.9%
8. Postcards - 0.8%
9. Coasters - 0.7%
10. Magnets - 0.5%
11. Puzzles - 0.3%

As you can see, the vast majority of prints sales are in the Wall Art category of Photo Prints, Fine Art Prints and Wrapped Canvas. Those three products added up to over 90% of prints sales in September.

It's for this reason you'll see that as a matter of priority, making improvements to those top 3 products is something we're focussed on much more than releasing new gift type products.

As an artist trying to sell prints, effort invested in improving these products is well spent. Here are a few things you should do:

:bulletgreen: Upload a high quality file to offer a good range of sizes, including some of the larger ones.
:bulletgreen: Think from a customer's standpoint. While you might like to have your name and website address across the work, this may be a deal breaker for a potential customer.
:bulletgreen: Fine Art Prints sell on average for several times as much as Photo Prints. You should make sure your prints are available this way.

You should also note that calendars will be picking up in a major way in the months to come as the Holidays and New Year approach, so don't overlook that as a potential moneymaker over the next few months. A great calendar can sell several hundred copies in the last 3 months of any given year.

deviantART loves you.


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AngelaSasser Nov 4, 2009  Professional General Artist
I'm not surprised to see that DA's products don't sell as well as calendars and prints. When will we ever get an upgrade to display to show an actual version of the product instead of a weirdly sized flat file? (I'm talking interfaces like cafepress and zazzle). I'm betting product sales would shoot up if customers could actually see what they're buying.

Other than that, thanks for the look into what folks are buying! I'm surprised giclee is doing so well. I'm with another commenter who noted they're weirdly sized and generally too expensive for most folks. Calendars and matte/lustre have always been my best sellers.
3D models of products will be released possibly as soon as next week actually, although we'll be starting with framed fine art prints.
AngelaSasser Nov 7, 2009  Professional General Artist
Holy're joking right? That just made my day! I'm totally looking forward to it:D
damien-c Oct 15, 2009
If those numbers are for dA's accounting purposes only I understand.:)
Yeah - I can't publish actual sales figures, sorry. ;)
damien-c Oct 15, 2009
I had a feeling you couldn't.=P
damien-c Oct 15, 2009
Awesome! But can you please quantify?:B I'm really curious on effective numbers, though we already know it's less than 1000 000.:D
CygX1 Oct 16, 2009   Digital Artist
Puzzles represent 0.3% of the sales and they have sold at least one (otherwise it would be 0%).

If 0.3% means 1, then 100% is 333.3, so they have sold at least 333 times the value of a puzzle.
Thats's all maths can say, for more precise data we need other sources. :D
NatalieKelsey Oct 15, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm kind of blown away that fine art prints sell so much. In my own personal statistics, something like 90% are photo prints and the rest are calendars, mousepads, mugs and magnets. Fine art prints are expensive and weirdly sized, hard to find a frame for if you don't buy the super expensive ones offered here. I'm not criticizing, I think they're lovely and I'm glad you offer them. I just have never personally bought or sold any.

I have also been wondering; why do you offer the option of choosing your "primary print preview image" when the program automatically forces the fine art prints first? I choose something else but it never shows as my print preview.
You're right that Photo Prints are the highest volume product by quite a lot. Fine art prints are a premium product so they need less sales to make up the same dollar amount. The average Fine Art Print sale in September was for 6 times as much a the average photo print.

I see $mudimba answered your question about the primary image.

Regarding frames, the rectangular aspect ratio (12x18, 24x36, etc..) is about as standard as you can get with sizes, most people will be able to easily find frames for them locally. :)
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