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For the love Manga/Anime!

Tue Sep 6, 2011, 6:31 PM by codenamepanther:iconcodenamepanther:
Hello, Prints Community!

This week, we travel to Japan virtually to discover the captivating world of Manga and Anime! Unless you are already in Japan, in which case… we hope you enjoy this little slice of home as much as the rest of the world!

Now, we're not about to get into the discussion of the definition of Anime versus Manga. We'll leave that to the Otaku… For us, Manga/Anime is the very distinct visual language of sharp angles, often hyper detailed textures, and fierce emotional expressions known for originating in the Far East. From charming love stories to epic battles, the artistic stylings of Manga/Anime has it all.  

Do you prefer the more realistic, thought-provoking Prints or perhaps the super-deformed, fanciful ones?
Take a look around the Prints for sale, and rediscover the top Anime/Manga stylings deviantART has to offer.

Ganbatte ("Good luck") with your browsing, +fav your faves, and enjoy!

Happy Selling!

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